Fee and permit calculation doesn’t stop at intake.

With “admin only” fields fully integrated into the OpenCounter Rules Engine, we can now support a wider range of project requirements using information supplied by both applicants and now, staff.

Staff can use these fields to correct problems or update the project with new information, which will now recalculate the requirements and fees.

Key Benefits

  1. Increase transparency with every staff change automatically logged and visible to both staff and the applicant. Applicants are notified automatically when changes are made.

  2. Reduce staff time manually adjusting and re-calculating fees.

  3. Rules are configured as part of the standard Online Applications configuration process. (Contact support@opencounter.com to bring forms online in your jurisdiction.)

How it works

  1. Our Government Services Team models your permitting process end-to-end. We work with you to configure the optimal submission and approval workflow for your specific requirements.

  2. Fields which we configure as “staff use only” are hidden from the applicant.

  3. When someone submits an application, staff can review, make any necessary changes, and fill out “staff use only” fields, These changes will now impact both permit requirements and fee calculations.

  4. If a different application is needed as a result of staff review, we notify the applicant automatically with instructions for how to submit.

  5. If an application is no longer required, our platform automatically marks it as “no longer required”.

What it looks like

In the example below, the jurisdiction we worked with had over 100 different rates models, so we've enabled staff to enter in fees based on that specific meter.

  1. From any application, click "Edit Application".

  2. That will bring up the "Edit Requirement" modal. The meter fee is blank until staff enters it in, which is also reflected in the right-hand fee widget.

  3. When staff enters in a value, the fee will also be updated on that widget. The applicant will also receive an email notifying them of this change.

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