Introducing Okta Identity Management

Our approach at OpenCounter has always been to integrate with industry-leading partners and technologies to bring the best the technology world has to offer to the public sector. That is why we are today proud to announce an integration with Okta for identity management, now live and at no extra cost for all existing customers.

After Thursday July 9th, access to OpenCounter’s admin tools will be federated by Okta, the new standard of identity for the new way of work. Okta is the Gartner leader in access management, beating the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Auth0 for their feature-completion and ability to deliver.

Admin users will notice a slightly different login flow when signing into OpenCounter, but otherwise the service will remain unchanged for users. The new login page will look like this:

The rest of this document answers some questions we have received during user testing of this rollout. Let us know if you have any that aren’t covered here.

A few notes:

  • New users will be required to accept the terms and conditions before proceeding. Existing admin users will have already done this.

  • Superadmin privileges - rights to add other admin users - have not changed. Admin users must be invited; they cannot sign up on their own.

  • To remove users, please contact

Questions and Answers

How should I login to OpenCounter?

We recommend that you bookmark for the admin site. This page will prompt you to login:

Can I still use the “login” link on the homepage?

Yes. However, you will see a screen like this encouraging you to bookmark /admin in the future. There is no problem with using the login link on the homepage - we’re just trying to avoid you some extra clicks.

I use a password manager and it's not populating my credentials.

If you're using a password manager like LastPass or 1Password, you may need to update the URL which you use to login to OpenCounter to Your credentials have not changed, but the URL may be different than what you were using before.

How do I sign up for an account and access the admin site?

Please contact the city/county staff member in charge of OpenCounter, or reach out to us at You will need to be invited before you can access the admin site. Once you have been sent an invite, you will complete the following three screens:

The link says my token has expired.

If you see a screen like the one below, it means that you have already clicked this link.

Everything I load is redirected to this terms and condition page, why?

If all the admin pages are loading like the below screenshot, it is likely because you have not accepted the terms and conditions before using the site. You must read and agree to both the terms of service and the privacy policies before accessing the site.

I have logged in on the homepage but I can’t access any admin pages.

If you have logged in successfully on the homepage but continue to see a “password incorrect” message like on the screen below, then your email has not been registered as an admin user. Contact or the city/county staff member in charge of OpenCounter for assistance.

I’ve forgotten my password but I don’t see an option to reset it.

If you've already tried to enter in your password and it does not work, click the sign out button on the bottom right to return to the previous screen where you entered your user name. From there, click "Need help signing in" and follow the "Forgot your password" steps.

I work in IT. Can we use our existing corporate logins to control access to OpenCounter, e.g. so that there is an ‘OpenCounter’ link on the desktop?

Yes! We can integrate with ActiveDirectory, LDAP, SAML etc - please contact us at for more details and to get this enabled for your organization.

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