Once staff has tested and approved the configuration, it's time to launch your OpenCounter Zoning and Business Portals.

Before you're ready to launch, we strongly encourage you to choose a CNAME.  This helps your users understand that the portals are a city resource. See our article about CNAMEs here.

Launching OpenCounter gets the word out to the community so they know this resource exists.  We recommend doing the following to make the most out of your media cycle:

  1. Placement on City website - Your project manager will send you a site integration deck, or suggestions on where to place links to the portals.  

  2. Press Release - Made available online and through traditional outlets such as local paper or tv channel. Your project manager can provide you with a draft if needed.

  3. Cards to be placed at the Planning, Building, or similar counters. 

  4. Banners at City departments.

  5. Links in City staff email signatures.

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