OpenCounter uses a global geocoder from Mapbox in order to help users identify locations within your City. Local geocoders, specific to each city, may provide an opportunity for increased accuracy in your OpenCounter configuration. 

If your City has a local geocoder though an Esri ArcServer, we may be able to use it to power your zoning map.

To use your local geocoder, the following requirements must be met:

  • Data must be served over a secure HTTPS connection (not HTTP).

  • Version 10.3 or higher of Esri ArcGIS REST API Service.

  • The “Geocode” functionality must be enabled. Map services with query endpoint is not sufficient.

  • The following endpoints must be activated: 1) reverseGeocode, 2) findAddressCandidates, and 3) suggest.

  • findAddressCandidates should call singleLine, not Single Line Input.

  • Geocoded address must use point address or roof-top address.  Street addresses will not work as they will point to the non-zoned right-of-way instead of a parcel.

If these requirements are met, please send your project manager the link to access your geocoder.

Note: We may also request three (3) sample URLs that return successful geocoding results. You can send us URLs with parameters, curl  commands, or link to requests set up in Postman, RESTClient, or any similar service.

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