OpenCounter works by asking users the right questions and reflecting appropriate follow-up questions.

The questions that we ask of users are called fields and they can take a variety of formats. We support numerous types of fields, including counts, contact information, yes/no questions, and select fields. Fields appear on pages and on permits.

Pages are just what they sound like---single web pages that users view one at a time. Fields asking similar questions usually go onto the same page; the order of fields on pages can also be customized. For each Page, you can also add an Introduction, some Additional Text, and Instructions to give the user any additional information that is needed.

The ultimate purpose of asking the questions (that appear on Pages) is to determine what permits are required. As users answer questions, they will see permits appear on the right hand side of OpenCounter. Clicking on a permit provides additional detail and a fee breakdown of the costs associated with the permit, as shown below. The list of permits is live and changes with a user's response to questions on previous pages.

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