OpenCounter is an online interface designed to improve communications between entrepreneurs and City Hall. It is built to make economic development services more accessible, to give Cities more data on job creation, and to improve the delivery of existing City services.

The OpenCounter team works closely with City staff to understand the many different processes and regulations involved with starting a business. We look at the permits required and the information collected on those forms in order to create a digital process that simultaneously collects that information and guides the user through the permitting process.

Current processes often require a person to fill out the same piece of information multiple times; OpenCounter asks each question only once. In addition, OpenCounter asks broad questions first in order to determine appropriate follow-up questions. Not all questions should be asked of all users, so each question and each page in OpenCounter is tailored to only be asked when necessary. By asking the right questions, we help users fill out the necessary information needed by the City to process their application.

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