The rules tab is where we can encode footnotes and conditions. For example, your community might allow a gym in the commercial zone if it is under 5,000 square feet. If it is larger than 5000 square feet, then it may be prohibited or conditional in the commercial zone. We call these rules. In many communities, they are listed as footnotes or in a separate regulations section.

Rules can take the following formats:

  • Answering Yes/No to a question: "Is your space larger than 5000 square feet?"

  • Radius: For example, some uses are not permitted near schools.

To see the rules in action, go to the Land Uses tab and select a use that has a rule associated with it. There, you'll see two tabs, one for "Base Ordinance" and another for the rule(s) associated with it. Permissions will follow that of the base ordinance, unless a different permission is selected under the rule's tab.

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