From the applications dashboard, you can click "View" to see an individual application in detail.

On the application overview page, there are multiple tabs that allow you to navigate to different parts of the application. Additionally, the right-hand sidebar provides applicant information, application statistics, the ability to download or delete and application, and a final tally of fees.

The tabs highlighted in green are described below:

  • Overview shows the business location, the scope of the project, applicant contact information, and total fees. It also has a link to download (or delete) the application.

  • Answers lists all the responses a user provided in his/her application.

  • Files is a collection of all the attachments that the user has uploaded.

  • Permits provides a list of all the permits and fees this applicant has triggered, along with the ability to download each permit as a PDF. This page also has a breakdown and sum of the fees.

  • Zoning shows the use selected by the user, zoning district the application falls under, and the clearance of that use. If applicable, overlays will also be found here.

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