On the Zones tab, you are able to see all the zones and overlays we have for your community.

Each zone and overlay has several attributes:

  • Admin Name (Internal)

  • Code (Internal)

  • Display Name

  • Description

  • Muni Code URL

  • Permissions

When hovering over a zone, you'll see icons on the right that allow you to take a number of actions:

  1. The Eyeball Icon shows you a map of that zone, along with the admin name, code, display name and description. From this page, you can click Edit to edit any of those items, which you can also do by clicking the Pencil Icon (3).

  2. The List Icon displays the clearances for this district. From here, you can review the permissions in the system.

  3. The Pencil Icon lets you edit the attributes of the zone, including the admin name, code, display name, description, and muni code URL.

  4. The Arrow Icon allows you to merge the zone with another zone in the system.

  5. The X Icon allows you to delete the zone.

Lastly, the green, yellow, and red squares on the page shows you a summary count of the number of permitted uses (green), condition uses (yellow), and prohibited uses (red).

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