Fields are the building blocks of OpenCounter. They are questions you need the user to answer. Fields are then grouped into Pages, which are grouped into Sections.

Fields are derived from the questions that a jurisdiction asks on existing permit forms. Frequently, one field is used across multiple permits. Existing processes require that this field is asked on each permit; OpenCounter only asks the question once and populates each permit with that field.

Fields can accept all kinds of information. OpenCounter provides a drop-down of different data types, which helps ensure the accuracy of the response given by the user. For example, telephone fields require ten digits. Someone entering in 8 digits will be asked to try again.

Fields can also be required. Making a field required means that the user will not able to continue without answering that question. By default, only business name, business type, and address are required in OpenCounter. Each jurisdiction must decide what pieces of information they must have in order to proceed with an application.

You can see all the fields in your configuration under /admin/fields, where you also have the ability to add a new field, edit an existing field, or download all the fields as a spreadsheet.

Additionally, you can see where fields are displayed by clicking the number under "Displayed", which will tell you what page and or permit that field appears on. If it does not appear on either a permit or a page, then the field is highlighted in red, as Amusement Device is above.

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