Two key files are essential in setting up OpenCounter: Zoning. OpenCounter staff use these files to create an interactive map that shows users where specific uses are permitted in the City.

  1. Shapefile of zoning districts (.shp or geojson format)

  2. Use table (.csv or .doc preferred)

Example of a Use Table is attached here.

Shapefiles provides shapes for each of the City's zones. In addition to zones, we can also incorporate overlays, taxing districts, or other land use specific layers you'd like to share. The shapefile's metadata must have the District Name and Geometry. The following additional fields are also helpful but not necessary:

  1. District Description

  2. Shape Area

  3. Shape Length

  4. Height Limit

  5. Min. Setbacks for Side, Front, Rear

  6. Min. Floor Area Ratio

  7. Min. Parking Requirements

  8. Lot Size

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