There are several places in OpenCounter to provide users with disclaimers and next steps.  These customizable areas offer the simplest ways to provide users with information specific to your jurisdiction.  Let OpenCounter staff know if you would like to provide custom instructions in the locations listed below. Screenshots of these locations are below.

  1. Splash page disclaimer & Project summary downloadable PDF 

  2. Hand-off page instructions

  3. Project scoping summary email

All OpenCounter cities include the following standard disclaimer language:

"The information provided in this tool is subject to final approval by city staff. Permit requirements, fees, and zoning information may be altered upon subsequent staff review."

Some of our cities prefer to add additional disclaimer language in order to provide further context for users. Sample language is as follows:

"This research tool provides estimates intended to familiarize you with the City's zoning and permitting process and to prepare you to discuss this project with the City.

Before moving forward with your project, the City strongly encourages you to consult a design professional to check for existing land use entitlements and code violations on your property."

Splash Page:

The text in this area also appears on the bottom of the PDF summary that is available to users.

Hand-Off Page:

Project Summary Email: 

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