An OpenCounter - Accela integration allows applicants to connect their scoped permits in OpenCounter to their Accela account, where they can begin applying for the permit.

If you'd like OpenCounter to initiate Accela records on behalf of applicants, we will need an agency account.  With these credentials, we will be able to connect permits to the Accela record type. See below for instructions on how to begin this process:

Requirements: An agency account that gives us access to AA and the API for both production and staging. AMO license is necessary.


  1. Provide OpenCounter with 2 ACA links: staging and production.

  2. Provide OpenCounter with the names of your staging and production environments. (Sometimes staging is referred to as "TEST" or "STAGE" or "DEV").

  3. Provide OpenCounter with a username and password to the agency account that does not expire.

  4. We will establish the connection and test the integration by connecting to your development environment by creating a blank record in your staging environment. If needed, your project manager may request a list of record names and how they map to the permits created in OpenCounter.

  5. Shortly before the site goes public, we will switch from the staging environment to production to test blank record creation in that environment. If everything goes smoothly, we'll be all set. Otherwise, we will reach out to you for further assistance.

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