Internal Launch

Once you provide written or verbal approval that the site is ready for launch, we'll remove from the splash pages of your portals any mention that the "site is not ready or approved by staff".

Ongoing Support

Your contract with OpenCounter comes with ongoing support and maintenance. With the exception of the outstanding items, please email instead of your OpenCounter project manager.

Office Hours

Every month, we’ll send you an email with a sign-up for Office Hours meetings, where we can discuss ongoing items and upcoming changes.

Can't wait for that email? Existing clients can schedule Office Hours with us at

Testing Spreadsheets

If you were using a testing spreadsheet to request changes, those are no longer being monitored or maintained. Please send any change requests by email to

Regulation Changes

We are happy to help update your portals when updates to zoning or other regulations will affect the content of your portals. Please send us any change requests at least four (4) weeks in advance of the change taking effect, in order to give us sufficient time to schedule and complete the work.

The four-week turnaround also gives us some time to ask you for more information if needed.

When sending the request, please send:

  • an explanation of the change

  • the data we'll need in order to configure the change

External Launch

Please let us know when you plan to do your external launch. We love seeing the site usage metrics rise as the public becomes more aware of your service.

Website Integration

We review your City's website and provide a slide deck to Basecamp showing areas where we recommend linking to your new portals. We suggest reviewing this content with your website content managers as you decide how to integrate your new portals with your website.

Press Release

We also provide a press release, for your use as you announce your new service.

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